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Are you afraid of your job search failing during the pandemic? Get organised with these tips!

How to improve your job search?

You have probably heard people say that searching for a job is a full time job in its own right. I agree. It doesn’t matter how great your CV is if no one can find it. It doesn’t matter that you are perfect for the job if the employer doesn’t know you exist. The easiest way to get the most out of your job search is to stay organised.

Why do you need to get organised during  your job search?

In today’s difficult job market you have to stay on top of your game.  The job market is oversaturated with applications and employers are more selective than ever when choosing the right person for the job.  If you want to get a job the smart way rather than the hard way, you have to put effort into your job search.

The clients I worked with who succeeded in finding a job quickly had one thing in common. They listened to me and organised their day, week and a month.

How to stay organised during your job search?

Start with planning your day

Having a routine is important. You wouldn’t start your working day at 2 pm, work for 30 minutes, then complain no one is responding to your emails and give up. Set your start time, breaks and finish time. Use these 6 practical job search tips to help you set your job search routine.

Keep a CV folder

Create a CV folder on your desktop with different versions of your CV. When applying for a role, amend your CV in line with the job description and save the CV with the job title and company name to your folder. It will help you easily locate the CV when you get a call for an interview. For more tips on how to create a great CV with free tools, please click here.

Track your applications

When applying for jobs on different platforms it is easy to apply for the same role multiple times. To prevent this, create an email folder or use an Excel spreadsheet to track your applications. Sending duplicate applications for a job is not only wasting your time,  but you are also giving an impression to your potential employer,  that you are applying for any job out there without reading the job description.  Keeping an email folder with job adverts/ job details and the email confirming receipt of your application will make it easier for you to see which company you applied to and when.

Create your pipeline

At the beginning of your job search research the key recruitment agencies, industries, companies and jobs you want to apply for. Add them to your Excel tracker. Use LinkedIn to find the key contacts  responsible for hiring or mentoring such as; HR contacts, business contacts in the area of work you are interested in, senior management, etc.  Add them to your tracker and keep notes on your progress when contacting them. This will create your pipeline.  Some companies might not be hiring right now but might have openings later in the year. Using your pipeline will help you keep track of your progress.

Use your planner

This might sound simple but writing down your points of action each day will help you get things done. You can use your pipeline to schedule calls, meetings, follow up sessions and interviews to stay on track and not miss anything important.  You can use your creativity to colour code or create categories for different actions in the day. Having a visual of what you need to get done is not only more motivating but also more satisfying to tick off your list when completed.

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