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How Can You Find a New Job Quickly?

How to find a new job quickly

How do you find a new job quickly without any distractions in 2020?

You need a job and you need it now. Stop panicking and start your step by step plan with me.

Get your head straight

Losing a job is stressful. I know,  because I have been there many times but if you want to get a new job quickly,  your head has to be in it. It might be worth taking a few days off if you are struggling to focus on finding a new job. You might need some time to grieve your old job, your old life or the routine you were used to. There is no shame in it. We all cope differently. More tips on how to cope with losing your job and how to get back on track are here.

Get the basics right

This might sound obvious but what job are you looking for? Be clear on job titles, industries and companies you are planning to approach. Starting with a clear plan will make it easier to navigate through the job market. To help you decide, consider these tips.

Prepare your tools

Your CV, LinkedIn, job applications are your tools. You need to spend time on them and get them right. If you want the easy way to update or create your CV with the correct keywords, content and format use this guide to help you.  

Organise your troops

Having one good CV and Cover Letter won’t help. You need to organise yourself for your job search to see results quickly. Here is the great way to stay on the top of your busy job search.

Like the job title?

When you are trying to get a job,  it is easy to apply for any job that looks familiar. Before you press apply check these things to save you time in the long run.

 Top up your skills

Are you worried that you are lacking skills to get a job in 2020? You might think you don’t have a digital skillset or are not great with social media. Whatever skill set you are lacking,  you can fix it by learning yourself for free with these online courses. You can take them in your own time in the comfort of your home.

 Don’t do it yourself

Endless searching on LinkedIn can be exhausting. Use recruitment agencies to help you or try different job search platforms. Here are few most effective ones you can use in 2020.

Be ready for the questions

Getting an interview is a big deal in this job market so make sure you are ready. Be prepared but know the interview is a two way process. You are here to see if this is the right role for you as much as the company is to see if you are the right fit for them. Here is how to answer some of the difficult questions. If you are still worried try these tips to eliminate your fear of interviews.

Things are looking good

You did great in your interviews and  the company has made you a verbal offer. Before the excitement gets better of you,  check if you have all the facts about the proposed offer here.

Cherry on top

Your offer looks good and you are ready to sign the offer letter. Before you do so and crack the champagne open check if everything is in order with your salary and benefits package here.


You made it. Well done! It’s time to celebrate.

For more job search tips please see here.

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