How to Build, Format and Design your CV for FREE with CV Assistant?

CV Assistant will do all the work for you so you can relax

Free CV building secret for any job title

To start a job search you need a CV/ LinkedIn profile, but how do you get your CV noticed in this difficult job market without spending hours searching the internet and losing your mind?  I have few tips for you including a secret not many people know about- CV Assistant.


Create a master copy of your CV. This should include a skeleton of your main experience, skills and qualifications with dates and company names. Every time you are applying for a new job, amend the master copy, save it and use it to apply. Save the amended CV with the job title and the name of the company you are applying for. This will remind you what CV you used when you get an interview.

Although this might be a daunting task there is no way around it. If you want a job in this job market you either get a job coach to help you get through it or you do it yourself.

If you decide to do it yourself,  use these tips to help you get an interview whether you are a graduate applying for your first job or you find yourself on the job market after years in a stable job.


Whether you are being screened by an applicant tracking system (ATS) or a recruiter, to pass the screening, your CV has to include keywords matching the job description of the job you are applying for.  Make sure you read the job advert or a job description properly and save it for future reference or when you get an interview.

Focus on keywords describing job title, main duties, qualifications, key requirements and skills for the role. Try to match as many as possible without making them up.

Use the FREE version on Resume Worded website to find missing key words from your CV.

Sign up –>  Click on Targeted Resume –> Copy and paste the job description –> Download your CV–> You will see the relevancy score–> scroll down to see the missing keywords–> Copy and paste to your CV–>get a call for an interview.


Use the CV Template option in Word to refresh your CV style and format or use it to create your CV from scratch.

To find free templates in Word follow these steps: START –> WORD –>FILE –> MORE TEMPLATES–> Search CV/ Resume

You will get a selection of additional templates. Choose the one you like.


Now we are onto the good stuff. Use CV Assistant in Word to find skills and duties for the jobs you are applying for or are interested in.

The CV Assistant will not alter or rewrite your CV for you but make suggestions of the job duties, qualifications, skills, etc by searching LinkedIn profiles with the same job titles. It is a great way to update your current skill set or add duties to your CV you might have not thought of.

To start you will need Office 365 subscription and LinkedIn profile.

Open your CV or a blank Word document –> Click Review at the top of the page –> On the far right of the ribbon you will see CV Assistant (Powered by LinkedIn). It is next to Hide Ink and is normally the last icon on the right.

Click CV Assistant,  if this is your first time starting it click on Get started –> Add the role and industry (optional).

You will see a list of roles and job duties you can use to build your CV.

At the bottom of the CV Assistant you will find helpful articles and available vacancies for the job you have searched for.


To put everything together in the concise form use this simple but effective CV Guide. It includes what not to add to the CV in 2020.

And that’s it! You are ready to go.  CV Assistant will help you update your CV quickly and easily. You can find out different keywords whether you are doing research for your next job or changing your career.

For more tips and on how to find a job in the 2020 job market see here.