About Me

I am a career and job coach who has helped many people to get their career back on track and find the job they want. I am here to help you with your CV /LinkedIn profile, interview preparation, virtual interview practice and any recruitment or career related queries.

I have over 10 years of experience in law, human resources (HR) and career coaching. Over the years I have worked for the likes of Goldman Sachs, EY, JP Morgan, Barclays, BP and other well known global companies.

With years of industry experience and a passion for helping people, I am in a unique position to help you in the next stage of your career journey or job search.

I moved to the UK from Germany in the early 2000s with no connections but a burning desire to succeed. I got babysitting jobs and bar work to keep me going while studying law at university in the West Midlands. After university I moved to London to practise as a lawyer. I took out a loan to pay for further studies and living expenses with the hope of getting a rewarding job in the legal industry. After finishing my studies the only legal work I got offered was so badly paid I could have earned more money working on the checkout counter in a supermarket. I knew I had to find a job to survive and as hard as it was, I decided to look for opportunities outside of law.

When I got a contract with a big investment bank in the City,  I sold my soul and went into the world of banking. From there I built my experience and skills to become a specialist in recruitment and career coaching. I went through financial crises, recession, and financial cuts more times than I like to remember but my determination and passion for what I do led me to the job I love.

About Mia Wagner Harris Blog

With the ongoing global pandemic and uncertainty in our everyday lives, losing your job, your only source of income and stability makes this all the more frightening and real.  In the last decade I’ve had permanent jobs and contracts and been through more than my fair share of redundancies and contract terminations due to recession, financial crises and now a global pandemic. I wish I could say things had got easier but if anything, they’ve got harder. Yet these experiences have been a great learning opportunity too. I can confidently say I now know how to manage change and adapt to uncertainty. How to stay positive and keep going, even when hitting rock bottom. I’ve learnt how to tackle all of this and most importantly, how to come back even stronger.  

I have created Mia Wagner Harris blog to discuss all aspects of the recruitment process and how to find a fulfilling career.  I want this blog to help you navigate your way through the constantly evolving world of recruitment. I will share my experience from the perspective of a candidate and a human resources professional and share the insider tips and secrets to become the best candidate for the job you want. I will be here at every step of the recruitment cycle, from drafting your CV to getting that all important job offer and building your dream career.

I will take you through the parts of the recruitment cycle you can control and how to make the most of the skills you have. I will teach you how to adjust your skill set and how to create an agile mindset so you’re prepared for every situation thrown at you on your job search journey.  You will learn how to turn your perceived weaknesses into your main strengths, how to turn your perceived failures into successes and to embrace interviews rather than dread them. 

Whether your ideal role is an analyst, manager, senior manager, director, technical expert or partner, I have interviewed, tested, hired or declined candidates at every level. I have prepared candidates for interviews at all levels too. It doesn’t matter how many years of experience you have under your belt, you can never be too prepared when seeking that extra edge in your job search.

Now more than ever, the job market is full of candidates competing for the same role, some of whom will be better qualified or just better at selling themselves at interview but none of them is YOU. In this candidate driven market with a dearth of job vacancies available, it is your responsibility to makes sure you stand out and get the job you want. 

To help, you need three things to give you the best chance of getting any job:

  • A clear and focused mind
  • A CV tailored to the role you are applying for
  • Making sure you’re prepared for any type of interview

 We will focus on the below key points (and any others you might want to discuss):

  • Your mindset and how to change it
  • Preparing for your job search
  • Creating or updating your CV
  • Preparing for different types of interviews
  • What questions to ask before, during and after the interview
  • Technical skill set, presentations, psychometric tests, verbal reasoning and numerical tests
  • Offer negotiation
  • On-boarding

About Mia Wagner Harris Private Consulting

This blog and my e-book- Job Loss Problems and Job Hunt Solutions 2020 should provide a great resource as you search for a new job or finding your dream career path.

However, if you have tried everything you know to find a job or change your career and it didn’t work you might want to consider our private coaching sessions. These are 1:1 consulting sessions focused on any aspects of your job hunt or career you might need help with. Please see our Services for more details.

I have helped hundreds of individuals to prepare for interviews and update their CVs across financial services, consulting, technology, legal, marketing, and sales and other industries from entry level to Partner. 

I am looking forward to working with you.