6 Steps to a Successful Virtual Interview

Whether you are using Google Hangouts, Teams, Zoom or good old Skype, conducting your interview virtually might come with some issues even for those confident with technology.

Nothing will replace a face to face interview. It is more personable and enjoyable for both parties. It gives the company an opportunity to meet the candidate in person and it gives the candidate a chance to meet the team and see the offices.  During these difficult times, the world of recruitment has had to adapt. The virtual interview is a great example of this adaption as companies try to continue with business as usual.

There are other benefits to the virtual interview that can be convenient for both an employer and candidate. The candidate doesn’t need to take time off work for instance and can do the interview anywhere, providing it’s quiet and has a good internet connection. The business doesn’t have to wait long for a candidate’s availability and can complete the interview quicker too.

To avoid any hiccups, make sure you take into consideration the following steps so you can make your virtual interview a success and enhance your chances of getting the job.

Find a quiet place in your house where you can sit comfortably and focus. You need all your focus to be on the interview and not worrying about your pet or child distracting you. It might look cute but it won’t help you with your concentration

Give yourself plenty of time to set up/ charge your laptop and phone before the interview. Make sure the camera and the sound are working.

Try to get good lighting and adjust your camera angle in advance. You want to make sure your face and the top of your body are clearly visible. Make sure your background is appropriate so check what is behind you so there are no distractions for the interviewer. You want their focus to be solely on you and you want the interview to be as close to the real life interview experience as possible

If you have not used Zoom, Skype or Teams and are not confident if the link the recruiter sent you works, you can ask them to try it out with you prior to the interview. Nothing makes you panic more than trying to dial in and it the link is not working. It does happen sometimes so keep the recruiter’s details handy so you can quickly call, email or text them if there are any unforeseen issues

Dress appropriately at least on your top half. You might be working from home but interviewing in an old worn out shirt is not a good look

Keep a glass of water next to you at a safe distance so you don’t knock it over but can use if your throat gets dry or you need a second to compose your thoughts