Job Search

What is your current job status?

Let’s talk about where you are right now when it comes to your job. If you have not thought about it before, you’ve almost definitely done so since we went into lockdown. It’s likely you’ve considered the security of your job of course. Whether the company you work for can survive the current lockdown or maybe even thrive as some business are. You’ve no doubt considered the transition to working from home and how well that works for you and your current company. Maybe you have even started to look to a post lock down job world and you’re considering your career options.

Alternatively you might be furloughed, thankful for the extension of the furlough scheme but naturally worried if you will have a job once it ends.  Worse still, you’re one of the unlucky ones who having already lost their job, is desperately seeking any kind of employment so you can pay your bills and general day to day living costs.

Whatever your current situation, now is the time to acknowledge it, decide what you want to do and plan for it to happen.

Unemployed Happy

You have been let go but you were wise and indeed able to save up for just this situation. You can survive for at least a year and can use this time to take a break and figure out what you want to do with your life. Congratulations! Enjoy this opportunity to recharge your batteries while you decide your next move. You can join us again once your funds run out or you get bored!

Unemployed Unhappy

It hit you hard but you had a feeling it might be coming. You know you have bills, family to support and little savings to last. Your job whether you liked it or not was your only source of income. You are lost, worried and don’t know where to start. You want to give up and have no energy to start again and carry on. You need time out and a plan a for a fresh start.  You can find some great tips on this website or you can get my e-book for quick answers to help motivate and support you.

Furloughed Worrying

You feel like your wings might be clipped at any point and if so, worried you will not be able to fly again. Will you get your job back or will you be made redundant? You are grateful you still get paid but being in a state of limbo is worrying. You want to stay positive but it find it is getting harder. Should you start looking for a job or should you wait it out? If you wait, will there be any jobs left? Its much easier to prepare a plan when you have less financial worries. Why not use the opportunity furlough presents to get your CV ready and keep an eye out for any jobs that pique your interest.

Employed Happy

It’s great that you’re here but you’re almost definitely reading the wrong blog! You’ve won the job lottery with a job that you like, maybe even love. I am very happy for you and wish you continued success!

Employed Unhappy

You’re thankful you’re still getting paid but secretly thinking about how much you hate your job. Of course you’re not stupid enough to leave your job right now in the current environment. Yet lockdown has help crystallised your thoughts and you know you need to make a career changes as soon as possible. Maybe you want to start your own business and be your own boss. Perhaps you want to re-qualify and do something completely different. Whatever it is, now is the time dust off the old business plan and start working towards a life filled with joy, excitement and purpose.