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Salary and Benefits Package Breakdown

Did you get a job offer? Here are a few things to look for when deciding on a salary and benefits package?

Quick overview of what to look for when accepting your offered salary package.

It is exciting to get an offer, especially in the current job market. You might be so grateful to have a job offer that you decide to accept it without thinking about the full salary package.

Having a visibility of the base salary and the benefit package can save you a lot of disappointment down the line.

It is up to you as a candidate to ask the right questions before you accept the offer.

It goes without saying that every company has their own way of structuring compensation packages so make sure you understand the package your company offers before you sign the contract. You can ask the HR representative dealing with your offer or your recruiter to give you a detailed breakdown of the salary package; including company benefits.

Most companies will share the benefit package with candidates throughout the recruitment process to entice them to accept the role.  If you have not seen the benefit package or are unsure what benefits are available to you and how to claim them,  make sure you ask before you accept.

Generally there are two parts to the salary package.

  1. The base salary is paid out to you by the company every month/ week in return for the work you were hired to deliver.

2. The benefit package is an additional benefit the company might offer in addition to the base salary.

Examples Include:

·         Holiday Allowance

·         Pension

·         Private Medical

·         Bonus

·         Stock/Share Options

·         Cash/Car Allowance

·         Meal Allowance

·         Interest Free Ticket Loans

·         Cycle to Work Scheme

·         Professional Subscriptions

·         Subsidised/ Paid Gym Membership

Another popular benefit is a Flex Allowance which is a percentage of your salary that can be taken out as cash or additional benefit. For example you can add your spouse to the healthcare policy if this is not offered as part of your benefit package already.

Some companies offer a higher base but their flexible benefits are not as competitive. The others might offer a lower base but bigger bonuses or better healthcare or pension packages.

Before you accept the offer, ask for the breakdown of the benefits if you are not clear on any aspect of the salary package.

You might want to consider the below;

What stage of your life are you in right now, and what is important to you?  Do you need more cash because you are saving for a house or planning to buy a house in the near future? In this case a higher base salary might be a better option for you.

Do you have a wife and kids you want to add to your private medical? Then a flexi benefit package might be a better option for you.

Receiving an offer is a great feeling but receiving an offer you want with all the right benefits is even better so make sure you do your research.

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