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6 Things to Check Before Applying for a New Role

6 Things to check before applying for a new role

What you need to know before deciding whether to apply for a job?

It can be quite easy to panic and apply for every job that appears on the job search platform when you are desperately looking for a new role. It is understandable that you want to increase your chances of getting a job. Why not being smart about it? By setting a job search strategy early on in your job search will not only produce quicker results of getting the job you want but will also save you time and energy.

Whether you are using a recruitment agency or applying directly, make sure you are aware of these six tips before you decide if the role is suitable for you. It is better for both parties to know in advance so there are no disappointments for either party later down the line.

Things to check before applying for a job


It might seem the job is suitable by giving it a quick glance or looking at the job title but applying for unsuitable jobs will only waste your own time. Read the job description and only apply for jobs you know you want to do. Make sure you update your CV according to the job description to increase your chances of getting an interview. Candidates often waste their own time and time of the company by applying for jobs they don’t want to do because they didn’t take a few seconds to properly read the job description.


If the salary is not on the job advert ask the recruiter to confirm the package at the earliest opportunity. You do not want to waste their or your time by applying for a role which is not in the salary range you are comfortable with. It is too late to get upset at the offer stage because you thought the role paid much more than it does.


Unless you are willing to relocate there is no point applying for a role in a city you are unable to comfortably commute to. You might think the role is perfect but if you spend 6 hours getting to and from work every day even the perfect job will soon lose its appeal.


If the company is looking for someone to start immediately but you have a 6 month notice period it is very unlikely they will wait for you even if your CV is a perfect match for the role. Make sure you check your notice period and know if your company will let you negotiate a shorter notice when you decide to leave.


It might not be a concern now with the world working remotely but if your role normally requires extensive travel and you are not comfortable with it or are unable to commit to a long time away from home, it might not be a good idea to apply for the role.


Most of us have non-negotiables when it comes to work. If there is anything you can’t accept such as non-flexible working hours it is better to find out before you start the interview process.

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