5 Things You Must Do to Succeed in Your Job Search in the Post Pandemic Job Market

5 Things you must do to succeed in your job search in 2020

Get ready for a successful job hunt with these simple but effective tips

The inevitable has happened. You have lost your job and it feels like you’re back at square one. Emotions are high, your confidence has hit rock bottom and your bank account is depressing to look at. You want things to go back to normal and you yearn for the security of a regular income. 

The logical step is to search for a new job but you’re struggling to get motivated. You turn on the news only to see another company has announced new staff redundancies. You’re wondering if there is any point in even trying to look for work when it seems there are no jobs out there.

Yes it is a difficult time for many industries and companies are letting people go at rapid speed and in high numbers but not all industries are affected. It is all about doing your research, keeping a positive mindset and being persistent with your job search every day. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can be back in a job if you use the right job search strategy.

To help make your job search easier, it helps to understand how the market has changed the last few months. Knowing what to expect or what to prepare for in your job search is key. Not only will this help keep your morale high but ultimately lead to that exciting new job offer. 

1. Get your CV up to date

You might think that you have great experience and your CV is really good. You got your old job quickly with that CV so why should you change anything? If you have not been on the job market in the last two years it is time to review your CV and upgrade it to 2020. A lot has changed when it comes to format, content and style of CVs so make sure you give your CV a makeover before starting your job search. Use my simple CV guide here or if you need more detail use this e-book.

2. Use the right keywords

Forget the times when you searched one job title and the jobs just came up in the search. You have to be creative with your job search these days. Try similar job titles or use Google to find out what other companies are calling your job title. You will be surprised how many names are out there for a Compliance Analyst for example. Use the right keywords in your CV and when searching. Find out more in my 6 practical job search tips blog to help you or here.

3. Utilise all available job search platforms

If you want to get the calls inviting you to interviews you need to widen your search and use as many job search platforms as possible. Devise a plan on how to organise your job search. Here are some ideas that should help you. Depending on the industry, different job search platforms will be more applicable. Do your research before you start. Don’t forget to utilise the right agencies. Some agencies might not have the work for you right now but it is worth getting on their radar.

4. Be ready for your interview

If you follow all the steps above, sooner or later the interviews will start coming. Make sure you deliver at this crucial stage. Knowing how to prepare for different types of interviews, what questions to ask and how to answer the questions you are asked is crucial. Read more about it here as well as in my e-book where I go into detail and give examples for different types and styles of interviews.

5. Make your offer count

It might be very exciting to get an offer but you need to get the right offer. Even though times are tough, taking a salary which is half of your previous pay is not going to solve your problems long term. Make sure you ask the right questions from the start- here are a few tips on how to handle offer negotiation to your advantage- e-book.

Next week we will discuss 5 things to expect in this job market you didn’t have to deal with before the pandemic. If you want to know more about job hunting in 2020 please read here.

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