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Why do you need a job coach or career coach in 2020?

Times are hard, the job market is in pieces, unemployment figures are high and the world is full of uncertainty. It is a strange time for most of us. If you are lucky to have kept your job then you at least you have money coming in and your day is filled with purpose. On the other hand you might have lost your income and are stuck in the never ending cycle of applying for jobs and not hearing back from the companies you applied too. You have tried everything you know but nothing is happening and no one is responding. And if they responding, all you are you are getting is rejections. You might want to think about implementing a plan B. Something you have not tried before – job/ career coaching.

Sometimes all you need is to change your mindset and add some structure to your current job search. You might want to consider buying a job search guide book to help you get started. They are inexpensive and you can use them to guide you the same as you would use a guide for anything else in your life. Having a step by step plan might be what you need to put you back on the right track when it comes to job hunting. Check out my blog post on some recommended books to start with.

For those that are looking for a new job, a change of career or are simply planning to grow in their current role, things might not be that straightforward. You might have tried everything from getting your CV written by a CV writing company to reading all the books and blogs under the sun but you’re still lost and not getting any results. This is where a career coach/job coach can help you.

They will work with you on an individual basis. They will help you understand what is stopping you from achieving what you want in your career or job search. They will help you change your mindset and guide you to the tools you need to rebuild your job search and become who you want to be in your career.

Career coaches cost money, some of them are very expensive but there are some reasonably priced ones so do your research.  You want to be sure that investing in one is something that would help you. Most of the coaches offer a free session so use it to get a feel for the coach, ask them questions about what you need help with and see if they resonate with you. It can be a difficult decision to invest in a coach if you have just lost your job and money is tight so look around for the best option.

I myself was at first a little sceptical, this was back in 2010 when I lost my job and my career was not going anywhere. I had no money saved and I knew I needed to find a job as soon as possible but I wanted to make sure I was choosing the right job and career. I qualified as a lawyer but reviewing contracts all day at my desk with little human interaction was not how I imagined my life would end up. The only time I perked up was when I had a client meeting. The career I chose was not easy to give up. I studied hard to get the grades, with English not being my first language it was even harder. It was not easy to get to the top law schools and to qualify and get a pupillage/ training contract. Not to forget it was very expensive but I did not enjoy it anymore. The money I was making was nowhere near to what I was promised to earn and the hours were very long. I was often coming home after midnight just to be in the office for 7am.  I did not see any point in spending years in this career and working my way up to the top but I was scared to make a move. I didn’t have any other experience, or idea what I wanted to do.

Then I lost my job due to cuts in financial services and this was an opportunity to start anew but I was scared. It was a difficult time and no one was hiring. I went down the traditional route of applying for the jobs I didn’t even want and it made me even more unhappy. I was stuck.  

My friend who worked in learning and development recommended a career coach. I didn’t know what these people did. How can someone who doesn’t know me help me decide on what I want to do and help me find the right job?  Especially if it costs money which I did not have But after a month went by and I was not getting anywhere I decided to do my research and book a free session with few career coaches in my area. I thought I had nothing to lose.

It was the best decision I have ever made. I spoke with two coaches and decided to go with the one I felt I had a better connection with. After the free session, I booked a fist paid session and after that a 1 month course. The career coach I worked with not only helped me to understand where I’m going wrong in looking for jobs but also the transferable skills I already have and can use in many different careers. I uncovered my strengths and what is important to me.  I learned how to network better, how to ustilise my current skill set to gain an advantage over the competition but most importantly I learned how to be more confident in interviews, client meetings and how to articulate my needs without getting emotional. It was the first time in a long time where I felt clear about where I was heading and what I wanted.

After some consideration I started to apply for roles outside of law and moved to HR. It was not an easy decision but it was the best decision I made. I love helping people to find jobs and help them understand what they want from their career. Many years and qualifications later I have decided to start career coaching myself. My job in HR and recruitment has become my passion. I feel the most satisfied when I am helping someone to find out what they really want to do, helping them get the promotion they deserve or changing careers like me. Nothing makes me feel better than helping people understand who they are meant to be.

If you are like I was years back and are not sure if this is for you, try the free session and find out for yourself. It might be the best decision you ever make.

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