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The best books to help you with your job search in 2020

Why do you need a book to help you find a job in 2020 you ask? Finding a job should be pretty straight forward after all. You create your CV and apply for jobs posted online, right?  Unfortunately there is so much more to it these days. With an increasing volume of applications due to rising unemployment and changes in technology, companies are using more sophisticated ways to conduct the candidate selection. The job search itself can be very challenging and finding the right role can be a lengthy and frustrating process.

If you want to succeed in finding a job in this market you have two choices. You can either keep applying and hoping for the best or you can invest a little in yourself and prepare for the job hunt.

To be successful in your job search you need to understand the current job market, how to stay resilient and where to look for jobs. You need to learn how to update your CV to stand out in the key word searches and when being reviewed by recruiters. When you get an interview you need to know how to best prepare for it to get the job.

Below are my favourite books to help you not only with your job search but also with your mindset. These books will  sharpen your skills, show you how and where to search and will keep you motivated and persistent when you hit a block in your job search.

Job Loss Problems and Job Hunt Solutions 2020

Is a short e-book I wrote to help you with the full recruitment process and how to navigate through it in 2020. You will learn how to deal with your mindset, set a job search plan,  master interview techniques all the way to offer negotiations tricks. It will help you understand the current job market and the best way to structure your CV. It’s a short modern guide with examples and templates to help you succeed in your job search.  It will help you look at your career and open your mind to different opportunities you might not have thought of.

The 2 hour Job Search: Using Technology to get the Right Job Faster by Steve Dalton

This book will give you a great insight into how to optimise the job search engines on LinkedIn, Google and other job search platforms. You will learn how much time you should spend on different tasks when searching for a job. You will also get an advice from behaviour experts to help you gain an advantage whilst searching for a job.

Ignite your LinkedIn Profile by Donald J Wittman

It’s a great book to start with when you are trying to nail the LinkedIn game. It will help you with optimising your LinkedIn profile and learn marketing strategies to help you getting noticed. It explains how to discover jobs in the hidden job market and create new opportunities. It is a great book to understand the power of your LinkedIn profile if you get it right.

If you need 1:1 help with your job search or struggling with your career check out my job search and career coaching sessions here.

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